What Siri can do for you

You can tell to Siri : “Richard is my father” or “Kelly is my sister” , then it will memorise the information so next time you can ask directly to Siri:”call my dad”.

You can ask to Siri mathematic calculation : “what is the 10% of 3250 dollars”, or “tell me what’s 1250 x 7580”.

You can ask about money : “tell me how much are 10000 dollars in euro”. Or you can ask: “what’s one dollar in yen”.

You can ask to Siri “ when I arrive in New York just remind me to call Shila”. Then it will inform you to call Shila when you arrive in New York City.

If you have Apple Music you can to Siri : “play best songs of 80’ “ for example.

You can ask to Siri :”translate what’s the name of this street in Spanish”. It will tell you vocally and writing. There is a bottom on the display to repeat vocally the phrase translated.

You can ask to Siri : “what’s the result of seahawks”. It will tell you the result of the match and many other informations.

If you allowed the applications in the settings, under Siri menú, you can ask to Siri “write a whatsapp message to Shila tonight at nine o clock”. Or you can tell : “ make a whatsapp audio call to Shila” it work also with other applications.

You can ask to Siri : “call FaceTime audio Shila”, and it will work.

You can ask to Siri: “what’s the day of the next san Valentin”.

You can ask to Siri : “write a message to my father I will be at the same place , see you later (point).” Then Siri will read the message before send it to have confirm by you.

If you wrote the informations in address book, like birthday or address street about a specific person then you can ask to Siri : “ when is the birthday of John” or. :” tell me the address of John”.

If you have lights, or a thermostat, compatible with HomeKit (like Philips hue for example) , then you can ask to Siri: “ turn on my light in the bedroom” or “ set the temperature to 21 Celsius”.

You can ask to Siri : “ how to say hello “ and you will have the spelling

You can ask to Siri. : “how many miles there are between San Francisco and Los Angeles”.

You can ask to Siri : “drive me to Columbus Avenue”. And it will give you the informations step by step during the trip. Or you can ask: ” any restaurant around here?”.

You can ask to Siri: “show me all the photos taken in north beach” or. “show me all the photos of cars that I taken”.

Just few examples about the power of Siri. It is very helpful and every year they improve it.

A very important thing : Siri respect the privacy of users.

Thank to reading.