The best products about health

All the products here work with Apple Health.

The Apple Watch series 6. Its the best products. Super precise. Smart. Helpful. Beautiful. It have sensors like fall detection , that is able to call the emergency and your favorite contacts for you , the heart beat (too low or too high, when you rest or when you do sport), the oximeter , the ecg with detection of atrial fibrillation and much more. Lovable
The Qardio arm . You can use it also from Apple Watch and it’s to work with vocal command ( Siri Shortcuts ). It allow to let some relatives to read you parameters automatically from other devices. And it’s work with Apple Health: the best way to keep your parameters in the digital world.
Masimo MightySat. The professional and precise smart oximeter. Its to report also the number of breaths in a minute, the heart beats and other parameters. It give you also the average about all parameters , and is possible to use it continually for 12 hours. Its work with Apple Health.
The Qardio base. Its smart, and its work with Apple Health.

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